My name is T J Grubbs and I am one of the
owners of Cam’s Ham Restaurant in Huntington,
WV. I have been a customer of Quality
Bookkeeping in Huntington for over 7 years. I
have found them to be knowledgeable, efficient
and competent in the performance of the
bookkeeping tasks for our company. They do
complete bookkeeping for us which includes
taxes, payrolls, bill paying as well as reports that
we rely upon for the operation of our restaurant.
One of the features that we really like about
Quality Bookkeeping is that they meet with us on
a regular basis and take the time to show us how
our business is doing and make suggestions as to
things that we could do to enhance it.
I highly recommend them! They are one of our
business’s greatest assets.

TJ Grubbs
Cam’s Ham
Huntington, WV
Our Experience
South Carolina Bookkeeping, Inc.
"We free you up
to run your
"We free you
up to run your
Quality Bookkeeping
Designed for companies that
cannot afford expensive
accounting services.
My name is Elisa Sinkewitz and I am the owner
of a prom gowns shop called Yellow Brick Road
in Huntington, WV. The staff at Quality
Bookkeeping are the greatest! Until I found
Quality Bookkeeping I had a terrible time trying
to run my business and keeping up with the
record keeping, paying taxes, managing payrolls
and dealing with the myriad issues that come
with running a business. Once I found Quality
over 10 years ago, they were the answer I had
been searching for. They deal with all the
bookkeeping issues and now I have time to
actually run my business. The other thing I like
about Quality Bookkeeping is they take the time
to meet with me on a regular basis and go over
my business with me and provide records and
information that help me make important
business decisions.

Elisa Sinkewitz
Yellow Brick Road