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My name is Charles "Tom" Grant, Jr., and I am the owner
of Quality Bookkeeping.  I started this company to help
small business owners who struggle with trying to operate
their businesses and keep track of the record keeping
required by the federal, state and local taxing entities.  Our
company is specifically designed for the companies that
cannot afford expensive accounting services.  

Education and Experience

BBA Degree in Business Management with a minor
in marketing and accounting.

I have ten years of experience in the bookkeeping field.

Key Offerings



About Us
Designed for companies that
cannot afford expensive
accounting services.
  • Tracking and Paying Bills
  • Keeping General Journal and Ledger
  • Tracking Accounts Receivable
  • Tracking Accounts Payable
  • Tracking Donations (Non-Profits)
  • Balancing Bank Statements
  • Balancing Credit Card Statements
  • Making Deposits (if required)
  • Invoicing (if required)
  • Paying Taxes (State, Local, Property, etc.)
  • Prepare Required Reports
  • Prepare Payroll Checks (Direct Deposits)
  • Maintain Payroll Records
  • File and Pay all Monthly Taxes
  • File and Pay all Quarterly Taxes
  • File and Pay all End-of-Year Payroll Taxes
  • Prepare End-of-Year W-2's
  • Prepare End-of-Year 1099's
  • Prepare End-of-Year FUTA Taxes
  • Prepare Annual State Payroll Forms
  • Federal Income Taxes
  • State Income Taxes
  • Local Income Taxes

Prepared by our CPA staff for an
additional fee.

Free pickup and delivery!
"We free you
up to run your
Quality Bookkeeping